Wakeup & makeup

Foundation brush://& http://bit.ly/2t1NupR

“I am not perfect but my makeup is” said no one ever!!!
Daily make-up should not be too much, or else we loose our natural touch and look too fake. Unless you are the one who likes to look totally fake and plastic, then you can keep doing whatever you are doing, otherwise keep it in between, let the make up do the magic and hide the tragic. Never be shy of your own not perfect lashes, because they are yours, and original, and they will never fall off when you shower!!! The only way to escape the fake-lashes are by finding the mascara that fits your lashes. Go and do eyelash shopping and try to find your lashes soul mate. Hey, don’t worry, it took me quite a time, till I figured what mascara suits me best. Not only mascara your foundation also is a key of your skin look. Most of the foundations they kind of come of during the day, you can see it separates itself from your skin. It could mean, its time to refresh or find the right suitable foundation for yourself. Oh no, what about eyebrows, what about lipsticks, and what about blushes, eye-shadows and blah blah blah

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