What We Did in Bali: The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel in Legian, Bali

The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel in Bali

Basically, this post will help you understand the name differences between the cities or regions in Bali, whatever they may be, in a much easier way. I did this so you won’t be like me. When I heard city names like Kuta, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua for the first time, I was freaking out and so I forgot right after I heard them. Plus, our friends keep telling things like do this don’t do that, better to do this in this bar, go here go there. Everything’s just too much to handle. Even when I took notes, it didn’t help me much.


Realizations in My Bali Vacation

I realized that it’s easier to remember things when you’ve experienced them. Likewise, it’s easier to remember places when you actually visit them, instead of simply listening to stories about them for a thousand times. Moreover, the most important thing that you need to know is how to efficiently plan your travel. During your travels, it’s important to chill. To make the most out of your vacation, have a good rest and sleep for you to gain heaps of energy to use during your activities in your travel. Going from place to place is tiring. You wouldn’t want to strain your legs for sure.


Bali Vacation Destinations

Mainly, we stayed in 2 locations in Bali:

  1. Kuta for 6 days @ ‘The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel‘ @thestoneshotelbali
  2. Nusa Dua for another 6 days @  ‘Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua‘  @sofitelbalinusadua

Our destinations in Bali were amazing. The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel, especially, is a great haven. They have a clear, beautiful pool, an exquisite greenery, and good food with Happy Hours starting from 4:00 in the afternoon, in which you can buy one drink for free and another one for free. If you are a beer lover, the Stones Autograph Collection Hotel in Bali is a great destination for you as they have a really nice beer called “Bintang”. It’s just amazing how this beer doesn’t give you a headache the next day.

If you love to surf and surf, this hotel is the best for you. That’s because the hotel is just a few meters away from the beach where you can surf and have fun. This beach, however, is not for swimming. It’s only for surfing. Therefore, if you prefer to surf than swim, this will not be a problem to you. What’s great is that you don’t have to know how to surf to have fun. If you know how to surf, you rent your surfing board and then you start playing with the waves. If it’s your first time and you don’t have any idea how to surf, you can take surfing courses right on spot for like 30-40$, if I am not mistaken.

On our first night in Bali, we went out as we felt so refreshed after sleeping in the comfortable seats of the Emirates Airlines. We didn’t know exactly where to go. We just took the risk and went out. Accommodating as they are, the hotel called a taxi for us. We asked the driver to drop us where the Square is so we could eat. He dropped us at a place where “Bounty Discotheque” was, and right at the opposite direction, at “Bounty Discotheque”, we had our dinner.

Another good thing about traveling in Bali is that you don’t have to worry about your food. Wherever you go, you can get just about any food that you want from fish to pork. Of course, the taste is much different than what you eat in your country. I wish to know the reason, but I don’t cook and I don’t know anything about cooking.

While we were having our dinner in this restaurant, people in Bounty Discotheque were rocking their rolls. Streets are crowded mostly with Indonesians and shockingly, with Australians. There were also some Indians and many more other nationalities. Because of this observation of mine, I called Bali as a second Australia. It’s amazing to see many different races gathered in one place.

While we were facing the Bounty Discotheque and having our dinner with a few drinks, we got offered coco grass multiple times.  They either push on one side of their nose to close it and sniff with the other side, just to give us a gesture that they have that thing to offer us. My hubby mentioned that when he was there in 2008, he never saw anyone offering anything like this.


The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel, Bali

Juicy Couture Shot in The Stones Autograph Hotel in Legian, Bali

Seafolly Bikini, Sunglasses and Hat.

I love the combination of this look. It creates that kind of a holiday mood.

In one of the normal, lazy days, we went out to have dinner at one of the local restaurants in the Kuta Square. We landed in Gambah restaurant just across the street where shops lay.


The street look of Kuta Square from Gambah Restaurant.


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