What We Did in Bali: Hai Tide Beach Resort in Nusa Lembongan

A day earlier, we asked the Hotel Reception to help us make the booking. They are very helpful. They made the call and booked us this trip that we chose fast and easy. The next day of our stay in the Stones Hotel, we traveled to a different Island called the Hai Tide Beach Resort.


Trip to Hai Tide Beach Resort

I chose a Sailing Boat called ‘Aristocat’ to make it to that island. This luxury sailing catamaran took an hour and a half to reach the island as it lays really far. Even if you take the fastest boat, it will only take 10-15 minutes less time to reach the island. But come on, it’s a holiday. I am not in a rush. Are you?

The sailing boat had an amazing Captain who has a great experience. He looks like someone with good skills in driving the boat comfortably no matter how bad the waves can be.

I have a motion sickness, and during the ride, I got a little bit seasick and decided to ask the First Aid guy for a tablet in the boat. He has provided me a tablet, which actually made me super sleepy the entire day of our trip. Hence, I don’t recommend you to go for it. If you know you are seasick, make sure you have your tablets with you.

We arrived on the island. The water is so clear, and the weather is super amazing. With crystal-clear swimming pools, families, tourists, couples – it just feels like a paradise to be in here. They also have condos where you can stay while you’re spending time in the island. (Luckily, I had their brochure with me so here is the contacts: Tel:(0361)720331 Web: www.balihaicruises.com)

The board of activities and timing of each activity in Hai Tide Beach Resort is posted below. So many activities like Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling (free of charge), Village Tour, Restaurants, Massage, Manicure, Kids Club & much more. In the island, I took pictures using my iPhone 7 Plus and Go Pro, so images might not be the quality you are expecting to see. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, I have uploaded them for you to have a look.

            This view is like from heaven. This is Bali Hai Tide Beach Resort with its beautiful beach in very blue and clear water.

Snorkeling in Hai Tide Beach Resort

In the first 6 days, we didn’t do much, except visiting the Hai Tide Beach Resort. As we were there in 2 different locations, we decided to check and compare prices of tour agencies, just to find out if we are not getting ripped. Guess what? Not at all!

Outside, on the walkway, there is a stand with lots of tourist brochures, just on the row between shops and restaurants. The guy who works there told us he could get us 10% discount on any adventure. So, we asked him how much would he give us for a trip to Hai Tide Beach Resort with a discount. He checked the price in the brochure, it was slightly expensive and including the discount of 10%. It would make the exact amount we were paying for our trip directly booked from the hotel. (www.balibestadventures.com  Mobile: +6281999145940 ‘Bali Hai Cruises’)

During the last night in Kuta, Legian, we decided to go out and party at the Skygarden Bar. This bar is said to be ranked as a 4.5-star bar in Kuta. Maybe it is that good when it is full of people, but at the time we went there, it was June, and the place was half empty. There were women and families from old to young age, sitting and watching people dancing as if they were in the circus. That, I didn’t like, so we left after finishing the first drink.

We went down and turned right and after 10 meters of walk, we saw a nice bar with full of people and nice music. It was a small, cozy bar. We decided to spend the night there and enjoy the remaining of the night there.

We never got cheated or stolen, it was a safe place, with full of tourists.

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