What We Did in Bali: Sofitel Hotel and Beach Resort in Nusa Dua

Let me share with you my entire experience and photo shoot inside Sofitel Hotel in Nusa Dua Bali.


Sofitel Hotel and Beach Resort: Its Architecture

As I have spoken about the architecture of Sofitel hotel in “What we did in Bali 2” part, now I will be focusing on the beach and the pool areas of the hotel.

Indeed, this hotel and beach resort has a wonderful architecture. The beautiful swimming pool is so rich in design. The touch of design in the restaurants, the chalets, and the laying beds illuminates pure beauty. Bali just feels like heaven. With its greenery and the weather, it is a paradise.


The Beauty of Bali

Before we traveled to Bali, my friends kept telling me that Bali is a country for Honeymoon. That’s why they kept wishing me to have a nice Honeymoon there, even though we were not going there for a honeymoon. Nevertheless, during our trip, I have realized that whether it is in your plan or not to celebrate your honeymoon in Bali, it just is a country of that feeling. Even though we didn’t do anything particular to name it as a honeymoon, I felt like my whole trip was a ‘Honeymoon’. I highly advise couples to go there and enjoy having each other in this beautiful paradise.

There is a restaurant with a pool view. Here, you can have a lunch or an elegant romantic dinner with a beautiful music on. You can also drink some glasses of wine on the beach with live music that is very romantic. If you are lucky, you might also watch the fireworks, which are set for a wedding.

Bali is similar to Thailand in a sense that you get Massage places everywhere for peanuts, except in hotels. Hotels would still charge you high prices. If you are residing in Kuta, get out of your hotel, walk around, and just select one of the massage places closest to your place. You will find Massages around 100,00 – 250,000 IDRs, depending on the space they offer you to lay. If you are residing in Nusa Dua, you’re lucky. In Sofitel beach area, there are women who offer massage right at the beach, right on your beach bed. You will recognize them as they are wearing pink T-shirts written Massage on them. They did me a massage for only 200,000 IDRs.

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I just can’t ‘not start’ the story with this picture:


MASSAGE right @thebeach for only 200,000 IDR instead of paying 1 million plus in the hotel. This is how below:


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