Things To Do in Bali

Find out about activities we achieved doing in one day only in Bali, so much fun

We woke up by 11 am Bali time, got our luggage packed, checked out and headed to Sofitel Hotel  Bali Nusa Dua (Instagram: @sofitelbalinusadua). It took us 30 mins to reach the place, not that far but the view difference is. Nusa Dua streets are more neat, wide. Sofitel Hotel architecture looked so amazing, beautiful design in and out. I really was in love with the view from the Le Gouter tea place, it is breathtaking… To read more about Sofitel Hotel and see pictures click here…

What to to in Kuta? If you love to surf, and you want to join the rest of the surfers, it is best for you to go to Kuta. Find out why?


Activities we managed to do during a day during our stay in Sofitel Bali. My advice to you is ‘hire a taxi driver’.

Luckily we found an amazing taxi driver (I will share his phone number with you, as a favor to him. He deserves it. His name is Yuman +6281225190267) who was trustworthy and very friendly. He took us to multiple locations as we have requested we wanted to get out as much of our one day trip as possible. At times I was even leaving my Canon camera in his taxi, under his surveillance. Even he was the one, who dropped us back at the airport and texted us few days after, asking how were we doing. He isn’t very familiar with WhatsApp or facebooks. So if you want to contact him, SMS him. When we go back to Bali again we will definitely contact him.

Only in one day, you can do the following activities if you hire a taxi driver, with no need getting up very early in the morning:

  1. Monkey Forest Visit
  2. Rice Terraces
  3. Luwak Coffee Drinking
  4. Waterfall Ubud


  1. Monkey Forest. We all love monkeys they are tiny, cute creatures. Friendly with humans, even though they live wildly. Now I am talking about the ones in Bali, as in your trip to Bali there are very important things you need to know about monkeys whether it is in Monkey Forest or in Temples, or in the beach areas where usually monkeys live. When you are going to a Monkey Forest, never take food with you to feed the monkey. You will buy it right on the spot for 5000 IDRs 6-7 bananas. You will have to place your hands up and all the monkeys one by one will jump on you and take the banana from your hands and you can make a nice picture. Don’t worry Max two monkeys will jump on you at a time because you will have two bananas in both hands up high. Don’t worry they won’t hurt you.

Don’ts with Monkey in The Monkey Forest in Bali:

  1. Do not touch the monkey, do not stroke, do not point at it too close. Do not irritate them, they are very revengeful and they will come and get you when you least expect.
  2. Do not keep your hands in your pockets, it is an indication to them that you are hiding food in your pocket. It could get them curious and jump on you and bite all and everything on you. This happened to us, my husband was walking with his hands in his pocket, so this monkey came and jumped on him all of a sudden and started biting his polo-t-shirt, hanging on his neck, trying to grab whatever monkey could. So my husband tried to hold him and take the monkey off himself, and the monkey was getting a bit violent, you could see monkeys unhappy face fussing like a cat, and trying to scratch him, while my hubby tried touching him. So I asked my husband not to touch the monkey, and just remove his hands from his pocket. Monkey understood there was nothing for him. He jumped off and left.
  3. Do not wear sunglasses! Monkeys are very well known for stealing sunglasses. Even if you will get it back, with the help of a local security who tries to manage monkeys, but there is no proof, that you will get it back in one piece.
  4. Anything tiny, in the size of sunglasses, small bottle of water or even a toothpick, make sure you don’t carry it. Even a small size of a backpack is as easy for them to take it away from you. You can’t fight a monkey, they are very fast, and there are lots of them.

When we just entered the park, we came from a restaurant, so I still had a toothpick in my mouth. This monkey jumped on me so fast, took the toothpick from my mouth and started biting eat. It was funny to see it looked like the monkey was trying to repeat what I was doing, but at the same time, I don’t think it is healthy or not dangerous for them to try on biting or eating everything they get their hands on. I bought a small bottle of water, as I was thirsty and I was walking around with a bottle in my hands and this monkey came and jumped on me, took my water, and ran off quickly. My husband tried to take it back, and the monkey was so funny, was jumping from tree twigs to twigs. This monkey was biting the bottle, thinking it could be easy to open and eat it.

We went to one of the temples the other day, and I was super shocked to see one of the very very angry Monkey standing on the wall and trying to scratch anyone who was passing by, by extending his hands, and making noise while showing his angry teeth. It was obvious that someone really upset him, maybe pushed him, or touched him rudely, we don’t know. I was so scared to pass by this monkey, I nearly lost my control, just turned and I was trying to walk backward within the crowd, and I was holding two girls till walked far enough.

Useful information: The type of monkeys that live in the area of The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Monkey Forest Ubud), known as the Balinese long-tailed monkey, in scientific called Macaca fascicularis. In English called macaque.




2. Rice Terraces in Bali and the Luwak coffee museum are very close to each other. 10 mins driving only.

The rice fields are so huge, so green and so beautiful and best place to take photos. This place filled with tourists from across the world.

There are so many local restaurants are located right on the stairs as you will be going down to the rice field. I recommend you to take this trip to a rice field as a one day trip, enjoy the view, walk around, sit, have your breakfast, lunch and enjoy the greenery. Wear your comfy shoes, and clothes just enjoy the fresh air and this fantastic view. In the same day, you can also visit the Luwak Coffee place, learn on how they produce that particular luxury coffee, and experience drinking the coffee with the beautiful view of rice fields…


3. Luwak Coffee with a rice field view


4. Waterfall in Tegenungan, Ubud, Bali Indonesia – from Luwak place to the waterfall it is only 30 mins drive. There are other better waterfalls in Bali, ask your taxi driver to take you there, if you want to experience best waterfall view. It takes around 2 and a half hours driving from Kuta or Nusa Dua. Which means you will be driving 5 hours up and down, and whatever hours you want to spend at the waterfall, make sure you leave early in the morning to get the best out of your day.



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