What we did in Bali – The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel, Legian, Bali

The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel in Bali

So this post basically will help you understand the name differences of the cities or regions whatever they are, in much more easier way… Because when I heard the names for the first time I was freaking out and forgetting right after I heard it. Because our friends who have been there they mention Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, do this don’t do that, better to do this in this bar which located here there oh gosh it’s just too much to handle.

Even when I took notes, it didn’t help me much. The time you get there you will start getting it right away, instead of listening thousand times. But the only thing you need to know is how to efficiently place the plan together. To travel, see things and get the time to rest and chill as well, as going to places are so tiring & your legs will be hurting… hahaha no kidding.

So mainly we stayed in 2 locations:

1. Kuta for 6 days @ ‘The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel‘ @thestoneshotelbali

2. Nusa Dua for another 6 days @ ‘Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua‘ @sofitelbalinusadua

In Kuta, not exactly, but in Legian which is next to Kuta, we stayed in The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel as you can see in the picture below. They had a nice looking pool, greenery, and good food with Happy Hours starting 4 pm in the daytime, where you can buy one drink for free and another one for free. If you are a beer lover than you are just lucky as they have a really nice beer, which doesn’t give you a headache the next day called “Bintang”. I also did few shots in their pool area and around the pool where the beautiful tropical trees are planted.

For surfers: If you love to surf and surf, this hotel is best for you. You just walk out of the hotel, and you cross the road, welcome to the beach where the surf begins. This beach isn’t for swimmers, and it is not allowed to swim. This beach is only for surfers. Either you know how to surf, just rent your surfing board or if it’s your first time they offer surfing courses right on spot for like 30-40$ if I am not mistaken.

The very first night as soon as we arrived we went out as we were so fresh, after sleeping in comfortable seats of Emirates Airlines. We just risked and went out. The hotel called us a taxi which runs on a meter. We asked to drop us where the Square is, so we could eat. He dropped us at a place where “Bounty Discotheque” was, and right opposite “Bounty Discotheque” we had our dinner. Wherever you go they serve you any food you want from fish to pork. But of course, the taste is much different than what you are used to eating. I wish to know the reason, but I don’t cook and I don’t know anything about cooking.


While we were having our dinner in this restaurant, people in Bounty Discotheque were rocking their rolls. Streets are crowded mostly with Indonesians and shockingly with Australians, and a bit of Indians and many more other nationalities. So I called Bali as a second Australia. While we were facing the Bounty Discotheque and having our dinner with few drinks, we got offered coco, grass if you know what I mean multiple times.  They either push on one side of their nose, to close it and sniff with the other side, just to give us a gesture that they have that thing to offer us. My hubby mentioned that when he was there in 2008, he never saw anyone offering anything like this.

The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel, Bali

                                                                                           Juicy Couture Shot in The Stones Autograph Hotel in Legian, Bali

Seafolly Bikini, Sunglasses and Hat.

I love the combination of this look, it creates that kinda holiday mood

In one of the normal, lazy days we went out to have dinner at any local restaurant, in the Kuta Square. We landed in Gambah restaurant just across the street where shops lay.


The street look of Kuta Square from Gambah Restaurant.


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