‘Contessa Bridal Boutique and YolanCris Fever’

Dubai is a house to international fashion stores. It is very hard to resist from buying beautiful and unique creations in this cute boutiques opened up in City Walk. One of my favorite shop in City Walk is Contessa Bridal Boutique. As a fashion influencer, I enjoy trying on clothes that I like and I choose my own style depending on my mood.  What else could a woman need more than wearing whatever she feels like… Long sleeves, short sleeves, off-shoulder, no shoulder everything is attractive if it shows off parts of your body the way you want, or you don’t mind, either it’s modest or not. It is not about the dress revealing too much or too little, but a story it speaks. The best part is, when it speaks the story I want, leaving me quite and excited.

I fell in love with a brand new petite’ Contessa Bridal Boutique, because this is the shop, where I got my gown from for my wedding (my emotional attachment) in 2016, and I just can’t be more than happy to congratulate Mohammad with the opening of his second store in City Walk after working so hard on it since 2 years and 8 months. You don’t want to know how much effort Mohammad put into it. I could live in that boutique (not because I bought my gown here) because it would be a dream waking up to those beautiful dresses every morning. They bloom my eyes and give butterflies in my stomach.


Shirin Van Dort wearing Yolan Cris New York International Bridal Week Studio Collection 2017


The soft opening day I was invited to pay a visit to a store, and as soon as I arrived I saw this gorgeous dress by YolanCris that I got my eyes glued on and just couldn’t walk away from it. Mohammad offered me to try it on and ‘YAY’ who would not want to be in that pretty ‘V’ neck back and front dress. It was really a pleasure to be the first one to visit the store and meet people who are dear to Mohammad the Managing Director of Contessa. He introduced me to this dear wedding organizer Rania who manages The Day Events management and consultancy in Dubai & Beirut (@the_day_events ), one of the invitees to the Soft Opening of Contessa Bridal Boutique. She also has mentioned that Contessa is one of the best Bridal Haute Couture Collection Boutiques in Dubai.

YolanCris is a very well-known Spanish Haute Couture Wedding Gown and Evening Dresses designer sisters (@yolancris). They have designed a special edition 4-5 types of dresses which you can find in only 3 countries worldwide including Contessa in Dubai. If you are the kind who likes to be unique, one and only bride with that particular dress, I advise you to rush and buy that dress, as within a year time you might not be even able to find what you are looking for. Yes! I am damn serious, it is not so easy to find your dream dress, because you are not sure what your dream dress is, or best dress is, or even you might not know what could suit you best. Don’t forget to mention my name as Shirin Van Dort when you get to the store, as you will receive 10% discount.


A light touch of florals & stones on the beltline encapsulating the flower design on both hips and a very beautiful, very long veil in a cape style (detachable) allows you to wear the dress with or without it and create different looks. This dress also could be best for those who want to show off their cleavage and back or cover it up.

YolanCris lands multiple celebrities from Red Carpets, fashion weeks, award-winning nights and events. Who are those mysterious celebrities you may ask? Yes, that would be my question too.

Don’t be shocked when you hear that Indian actresses Shilpa Shetty and Niddhi Agerwal chose romantic Empire shape evening gowns to wear and they looked stunning.



Beyonce – who is a winner of 8 awards wore this dress on a stage while performing five songs from her “Lemonade” album. She wore the dress for 16 mins during her concert in Madison Square Garden in NY at the VMA’s (Video Music Awards). This dress is from CALAMO style from the latest Haute Couture bridal collection 2017.




Beyonce white dress at VMAs by Yolan Cris


Shakira – was slaying the spring/summer 2017 all black sheer Haute Couture in the Vanity Fair Italia of June. Shakira’s famously big curly beach look hair looks amazing on any dress and yes once again this time on her Bohemian Transparent Tulle of YolanCris sisters creation. The loose bottom and tight top fit the ‘Hips don’t Lie’ singer very well.



Lady Gagawears fall/winter 2016 collection in her performance in one of the iconic fashion shows of Victoria Secret. The evening gown is covered with million roses to her new single ‘million reasons’.



Lady Gaga floral dress Victorias Secret fashion show 2016


Lady Gaga floral dress Victorias Secret fashion show 2016



YolanCris latest Studio Collection 2017 was showcased at New York International Bridal Week and two styles of those dresses are now available in Contessa Bridal  Boutique in City Walk.


New York International Bridal Week 2016


New York International Bridal Week 2016



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