Lenka Josefiova, Shirin Van Dort, Dr. Bassam Saab, Josh Jr. Mangila, Ingrid Aureda, Glitzy Al Banna, Sean Robles, Yhence Sioting

The exclusive Media & VIP launch event of ‘Niche Modeling Agency’ took place in Dubai Dusit Thani Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, Saturday 15th July 2017 at 4 pm.

When Lenka Josefieva arrived in her beauty pageant winning red shining bright dress, she caught all the eyes and stood out the crowd with her tall, blonde and beautiful figure. No wonder why she won the Miss European Tourism in 2015, she looks stunning in her famous red dress among all other VIP people who are invited to attend this special Launching event of Niche Modeling Agency featured by Shelfred Le Couturier (@shelfredlecouturier) and Bella Donna Haute Couture (@josebelladonna). Lenka Josefieva is a Haute Couture bridal Brand Ambassador of Leo Almodal (www.almodal.com) the Middle East. The actress, TV host has beaten 40 candidates in 2015 and won the Miss European Tourism Award.

International Supermodels Vicky Zielinka and Natalia Lais rocked the designer clothes by Shelfred Le Couturier (@shelfredlecouturier) and Bella Donna Haute Couture (@josebelladonna) on the runway as you can witness in the pictures.

The two designers were presenting different looks, where Shelfred Le Couturier’s focus was more into Arab Modern fashionable glamor Abaya looks while Jose Bella Donna presented the elegant and prestigious Evening Gowns.

It was a full of fun time to meet great and successful people in Dubai like Josh Jr. Mangila – Editor in Chief, Xpedition Middle East Magazine; Dr. Bassam Saab – Owner, Lig Spa and of course the super star Lenka Josefiova – Miss European Tourism Queen.

I would like to personally congratulate to Ingrid Aureda – COO, Glitzy Al Banna – CEO, Sean Robles – Digital Manager, Yhence Sioting – CSO and other members of Niche Modeling Agency from Shirinvandort.com with their launching the new business, like a tree starting to spread its leaves. I wish you success and boom in your industry. It was a pleasure to see you all so happy, and as emotional as it was a very important day for you, it is the beginning of history and many more years to come with celebrations of anniversaries and success stories.

Shirin Van Dort with Designer Shelfred Le Couturier fashion Modest Fashion designer


Jose Bella Donna Haute Couture Designer of Luxurious Evening Gowns
Lenka Josefieva Beauty Pageant Miss European Tourism


Bella Donna Haute Couture @josebelladonna


Bella Donna Haute Couture @josebelladonna


Shelfred Le Couturier Modest Fashion Designer @shelfredlecouturier


Bella Donna Haute Couture @josebelladonna


Shelfred Le Couturier Modest Fashion Designer


Bella Donna Haute Couture @josebelladonna


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