The Best Luxury Shop to Buy Designer Items for Moms and Kids


You would be surprised to know that even in Dubai, you can find a luxury shop that sells bags, shoes, accessories, women’s clothes, and kids’ clothes from famous brands such as Christian Dior, Versace, Calvin Klein, Dolce Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Certainly, you’ll be able to find a whole lot of luxury items in this luxury shop.


Fashion Shops in Dubai

In Dubai, the shop that sells items from these world-renowned fashion brands are surrounded by cafes, sweet shops, and restaurants. Furthermore, this specific location in Dubai is the perfect place to eat, drink, chill, and for fashion enthusiasts, shop luxury items at high discounted rates. Here, you can shop items for yourself, for your kids, and for your whole family. What’s more about this shop in Dubai is that it also offers online shopping and delivery services, which means that you can have your orders delivered right to your doorsteps. Certainly, you’ll be able to find everything that you’re looking for in this online shop as it has a wide range of designer collections.


The Perfect Shopping Haven for Mommies and Kids

Whether you’re a mom who’s looking for affordable clothes for your kids, or a single lady who’s planning to buy gifts for your friend’s newborn baby, you are most probably looking for a place to shop items that have high quality and are affordable at the same time. However, affordable items usually don’t come with high quality. Luckily, there are shops that can give you both the good quality and the low cost that you deserve. As a matter of fact, it’s possible for you to find items that cost 50% less than their original prices.

By now, you might be asking where I found such a jackpot. Well, I found it online.

I got three cute items for a newborn baby for only 200 AED. Comparing to the mall, I would get only one item and still be unsatisfied with my purchase. Nowadays, I realize that it is important to know how to buy and where to buy. I prefer to spend on 50% discounted luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Zuhair Murad, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry, Victoria Strange, Diane Von Furstenberg, Chanel, Swarovski, Calvin Klein, Juicy Couture, Ralph Lauren, Reiss, Chloe, Versace, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Escada, Emporio Armani, Dior, Celine, Christian Louboutin, and others.


Choosing the Right Online Luxury Shop

If you are looking for pre-loved bags or clutches online, don’t rush. Make sure that the online shop that you are planning to shop at is a trustworthy website to buy luxury items, luxury bags, luxury dresses, and luxury clothes.

Scroll down this page and click on the links I have provided to find out about the prices and the items that you can find in this luxury shop. I can tell you that this shop beats the prices in the preloved luxury accessories and clothes industry with its highest discounts. In this luxury shop, you don’t lose anything. You only save.

Have a look at the photos below from my shooting at Kids’ Style for Less.




Swarovski Limited Edition Jewelry Set of a Necklace and Bracelet and Glorious Evening Gown

Victoria Strange ( size: M ) CLASSIC LONG GOWN


Buy this jacket now

Juicy Couture Gleamed Blazer Jacket


Calvin Klein Vest Jacket Autumn Collection Kids Jacket



Shop the looks now:

Valentino Garavani ( size: 36 )ROCKSTUD ANKLE STRAP WOMAN SANDALS (pictured above)

Chanel ( Satchel Bag ) QUILTED CHAIN CAVIAR LEATHER BUBBLE BAG (pictured above)


Victoria Strange ( size: M ) CLASSIC LONG GOWN (pictured above)

Juicy Couture Gleamed Blazer Jacket (pictured above)


You can easily shop online through the links I have provided, and I will be earning a little bit of commission on your purchase. I have been invited to work in collaboration with the shop owner. I am very glad that she likes my taste in style and she gave me a positive energy. That’s why I look forward to work on more projects. I love what I do as it is my passion. Certainly, it wasn’t an easy journey to reach this level. However, I hope that I can achieve the higher levels in the fashion industry and become a ‘Fashion Icon’ one day.

At the same time, I will keep you updated about the best sites where you can shop your favorite items hassle-free. So, stay tuned, keep in touch through my Instagram @shirinvandort, and watch my stories.

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