The Shift from Mall Shopping to Online Shopping: Why the Latter is Better

Recently, I started to shop online. Before, I never liked the concept of online shopping. It just seems to be so scary. What if the product didn’t fit me? How can I return it? And, will the quality be the same as in the store? Aside from all these questions, the fact that shipping takes a long time gave me enough reasons to ditch the thought of buying clothes and stuff online.


The Trick in Online Shopping

Well, now, all my worries are more or less over. Why? Because I now know the trick. The trick is to know exactly what types of fabrics I like and what size I shall order.


Mall Shopping Vs. Online Shopping

It is time-consuming to go shopping, walking around from shop to shop. Luckily, I have found a few best-quality stores where I have started ordering my favorite stuff from.

Now, I am addicted to online shopping. It helped me plan what to wear and how to combine clothes with other fashion accessories to achieve a fabulous modern kind of fashion.


Online Shopping Fashion Tips

I love tops like blouses, oversized shirts, and tee-shirts. I basically like to wear very simple shirts or work clothes. Moreover, at work, you can wear edgy tops and skirts. With the right matching, they can look corporate and playful at the same time.

Additionally, if you are the kind of a woman who likes to stay up to date in fashion, online shops are the perfect haven for you. However, if you’re a fan of classic fashion, online shopping would also be great for you.

Certainly, there are plenty of online shops that sell classic fashion items. In fact, you can combine old-style outfits and still look glamorous. Regardless of your preference in style and fashion, you can look wonderful with online store outfits and accessories. Besides, it’s all about how you wear yourself.


Best Picks from an Online Store

From here, I will share with you my best picks from my favorite online shop. Shop @namshi and receive your clothes in a day or two at your doorsteps.


 Zara and Miss KG shoes


Oversized-shirt & Pants from ZaraBlue High-Heel Sandals from Miss KG




I hope my reviews were of a help to you. Stay tuned, keep checking my hand-picked designer clothes, and continue to shop online without any hassle.

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