Keep Calm & Repeat

Following these steps prevents you from not knowing how to start your day and saves time instead of wasting. You just get up, and start following your plan ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Leave your phone alone
– The phone is really addictive but, we really have to learn to let go our phones at times, especially at night. Sometimes, we deserve just to look at the ceiling and think about nothing.

2. Shower, Brush & Floss
– Before going to bed, I believe it is so important to take a shower, brush and floss your teeth. Showering with nurturing products are as important for your skin, as the normal shower gels you buy in stores are not healthy to be used daily. Depending on your skin type it is recommended to use the most suitable body care products.

3. Put on comfy pajamas
– Wearing a pajama or not wearing at all, depends totally on how you feel. Sometimes I love to wear my pajamas and set the Air Conditioner very cold and it feels really great to sleep. I always make sure to wear 100% cotton pajamas ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Set Goals for Next day
– Bedtime is the best place to set your next day plans. You have that peaceful moment to yourself. I manage to make planning and write down my to do list on small sticky notes and stick it on my phone so that I have no choice but to read it when I wake up.

5. Sleep 7-8 hours
– Sleeping enough is very crucial to stay healthy. Not only physically but mentally too. As when you work and think a lot you get all the toxins increasing in your brain, and sleeping can release those toxins like nothing else can. Those toxins in a long term might cause psychotic problems.

Start Caring about smallest things, they matter! Thank me later.

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