5 Healthy Bedtime Habits You Need to Start Adopting Now

Keep Calm & Repeat


Your bedtime is one of the most important parts of your day. It’s when you get to rest, sleep, and get plenty of energy to use for the next day to come. Because it’s important, you need to develop healthy bedtime habits to get a good night’s sleep. Here are some that you can adopt easily:


  1. Leave Your Phone Alone

Phones are really addictive. Once you get a hold of your phone, it’s hard to let go of it, especially at night when you’re not busy. A lot of people have the habit of using their phone and checking their social media accounts just before they sleep. Because of this habit, they end up sleeping late and waking up feeling tired because they didn’t have the right amount of sleep the night before.

For this reason, it’s important for you to discipline yourself. You can either limit the time that you spend on your phone before you sleep, or you don’t use your phone before you sleep at all. This way, you will be able to sleep quickly and wakeup with the satisfaction of a good sleep.


  1. Shower, Brush & Floss

One of the most important healthy bedtime habits is taking a good shower, brushing your teeth, and flossing your mouth.

Dentists recommend that one should brush his/her teeth at least two times a day. The first one should be in the morning, usually after you wake up and take your breakfast. The second one should be at night, just before you go to bed. Of course, if you prefer, you can also insert to brush your teeth in the middle of the day at lunch. Doing this will ensure you to have white and healthy teeth.

Showering before going to bed is also important. Avoid using normal shower gels you buy in stores that are not advisable to be used daily. Depending on your skin type, it is recommended to use the most suitable body care products.

A lot of people skip this part in their everyday routine. Exhausted from work, most people would go directly to bed even without having a quick shower or even without brushing their teeth. Always remember to keep this habit in mind. No matter how tired you are, you must do your best to shower or, at least, wash your face before you sleep, especially when you wore makeup during the day. If you don’t want your skin to suffer the consequences, you better keep this in mind.

Moreover, you should not have an excuse when it comes to brushing your teeth. It’s hygiene, so it’s important for you to never forget this. This will also prevent bad breath in the morning.


  1. Put On Comfy Pajamas

Different people have different preferences in choosing what kind of clothing to wear in bed. Some girls prefer nighties while other girls like pajamas. Personally, I love to wear my pajamas every night. They feel fresh and comfortable. They’re also easy on the skin, helping me feel super comfortable as I sleep. Also, when I sleep, I like to set the Air Conditioner to the lowest and coldest temperature. Pajamas plus cold temperatures just make me want to curl in bed forever!  Furthermore, I always make sure to wear 100% cotton pajamas. 🙂


  1. Set Goals for the Next day

Bedtime is the best time for you to set your plans for the next day. You have that peaceful moment to yourself. I manage to do my planning and write down my to-do list on small sticky notes. Then, I stick these notes on my phone so that I have no choice but to read them when I wake up. I find this as a clever way to remember my to-do tasks on a daily basis. Plus, it helps me organize my tasks according to their urgency. Because of this technique, I don’t forget any task that I must do every day. I totally recommend this trick to you. Trust me. It works.

On the other hand, there are many different techniques that you can follow to set your everyday goals properly. You can find a lot of them on the internet. You can just choose and use the most appropriate one for you. If not, you can also make your own planning technique. This way, you’re sure that you’re setting your goals in such a way that works effectively for you.


  1. Sleep 7-8 Hours

Having enough sleep is very crucial to stay healthy not only physically but also mentally. When you work and think a lot, you get all the toxins increasing in your brain. Sleeping can release those toxins like nothing else can.

Having enough sleep does not only mean having at least one hour of sleep every day. That’s a big no-no in so many levels! Having enough sleep means that you must get 7-8 hours every day. You must not go less or go beyond. Either way, you’ll end up feeling tired all day. As they say, too less or too much of something is bad. Just get the recommended amount of sleep. This way, you’ll be able to function perfectly every single day!


The Bottom Line

Every day, we strain our body with all the work we do. That’s why it’s only fair to give our body the chance to rest and relax for at least several hours every day. Start caring about the smallest things; they matter! Thank me later.

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