Translucent Loose Powder VS. Invisible Loose Powder Review

Before buying my loose powder, I decided to do a research. In this research, I compared a translucent loose powder and an invisible loose powder.


Get the Right Makeup at an Affordable Cost

First of all, I don’t want to apply a makeup product that is not good enough for my skin, and secondly, I don’t have money to waste on unnecessary makeup products.

Many beauty bloggers and makeup artists use different types of brands and different types of products. However, the fact is that different products with different names might just be about the same as one another. In fact, the brands that you’ve never tried using might just have the same ingredients as the ones you’re using. Therefore, these products that go in the same category but go in different names and prices may be the same. If this is the case, then you don’t need to purchase expensive brands and just settle on the cheaper ones, right?

So, if you don’t have a lot of money to buy everything out there in a makeup store, do a research and find other ways to make a good use of your existing products.

I will give you an example. To create a wet look, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive product in the store that you can’t afford to buy. Instead, you can use some ingredients in creating that product yourself at home.

I paid attention that many makeup products have Vitamin E in them. So, I bought the capsule Vitamin E from the pharmacy and applied it together with my matte foundation from Maybelline. The Vitamin E feels sticky as it is a bit oily, but after a few minutes, it dries and does not feel oily at all anymore. This Vitamin E helped my matte foundation from Maybelline lay so naturally and evenly on my skin. I was in love with the texture of my face. I looked so fresh and natural.


Translucent VS. Invisible Loose Powder

Now, Let’s go back to the main topic about the translucent vs. invisible loose powder.

I got to know that the invisible loose powder is a silica – silicon Sio2 made of silicon and oxygen. Silicon can be both healthy and unhealthy, depending on their content. A plant-derived silica is healthier than the ones derived from animals. Moreover, Crystalline silica could be dangerous and toxic if inhaled.

Long story short, the invisible loose powder smells horrible, and it gets chalky when applied. Therefore, I’d go for translucent loose powder. In comparison to invisible loose powder, it lays on the skin more smoothly. Furthermore, according to my research, the most frequently chosen loose powder was the translucent loose powder from Laura Mercier. Moreover, other brands offer the same product for less, too.

It is insane how all my makeup-addict girlfriends are using Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Powder. After the research, I decided to go for the same product, but I ended up buying from NYX Cosmetics at a much lesser price. Even though it is pricey, as I am a makeup addict, my pocket cries the money out to keep my needs satisfied. In case you don’t want to feel bad about your expenses, there are cheaper options like:

– Inglot Translucent Powder is only 60AED 16$
– Burjois Translucent Powder or Translucent Silk 90AED 25$
– e.l.f High Definition Matting Powder is only 19AED 5$
– Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is only 20AED
– Anastasia Beverly Hills 110AED 30$

The only best part of invisible loose powder is it is best for selfies, with the right lights and camera. Even translucent loose powder can be great with good lighting.

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