Top 6 restaurants in Tashkent

Top 6 Restaurants that I recommend you to go and try in Tashkent I live in Dubai, and usually visit my family once or twice a year in Tashkent city. I crave for meet that you crave for, whenever you visit a foreign country. So I have found some best restaurants that I really like […]

DIY homemade facial mask & Breakfast Recipe

DIY homemade facial mask recipe Today, I will be sharing with you my DIY homemade facial mask & Breakfast recipe, which not only goes into my stomach but also on to my face, which we call it a DIY – ‘Do it yourself’, homemade facial mask & breakfast recipe that helps skin in rejuvenating, moisturizing and […]

How to Become a Certified Influencer with an Influencer Certification

As the digital world evolves, the number of bloggers multiply day by day. And as the bloggers multiply, the competition between influencers get harder and harder. This is the reason why many influencers take this industry seriously. By seriously, it means becoming a certified influencer with an influencer certification. In this article, I’ll discuss some […]

Coffee Shop Hunting: Finding A Place to Stay, Chill, and Eat

If you’re looking for a place to stay and chill, The Coffee Club is the perfect place to go. This coffee shop just has everything that you need for you to relax!   Getting Breakfast at A Coffee Shop Are you an egg person? Or simply looking for a place to have a breakfast? You […]