Choosing A Path to Take: Is A Marketing Degree Worth It?

I am a BBA & Marketing Degree Major Holder Let me lay it out straight for you. I hold BBA & Marketing from the Canadian University Dubai, and there are thousands of students just like me. Even though I stand out as a Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.75, I couldn’t get a […]

How to Become a Certified Influencer with an Influencer Certification

As the digital world evolves, the number of bloggers multiply day by day. And as the bloggers multiply, the competition between influencers get harder and harder. This is the reason why many influencers take this industry seriously. By seriously, it means becoming a certified influencer with an influencer certification. In this article, I’ll discuss some […]

Scammers Pose as a Popular Photographer

They have written same email to thousands of models, and bloggers like me and you just to get the attention. The way they money is, after inviting you for the shooting, they will ask you to pay for the wardrobe which to arrive from Adidas or any other brand, as a prior payment. But that happens only after you agree to be involved in the shooting.

We found exact similar email sent to others and has been reported as a scam in that blog here, the only different thing is that here the famous photographer instead of Annie Leibovitz they used is another famous American photographer Jill Greenberg.

Love Talk: Top 5 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love

This topic is about top 5 realistic ways of making him fall in love in XXI century.

Translucent Loose Powder VS. Invisible Loose Powder Review

Before buying my loose powder, I decided to do a research. In this research, I compared a translucent loose powder and an invisible loose powder.   Get the Right Makeup at an Affordable Cost First of all, I don’t want to apply a makeup product that is not good enough for my skin, and secondly, […]

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Hyaluronic and Glucosamine Powder

While the use of cosmetics continues to represent a promising means of accentuating beauty, research has shown that many people spend more time using harmful beauty products on their skin with the feeling of achieving a vibrant look. It is important to note that the use of beauty products without clinical records should be unacceptable. […]

Gucci Track Pants Are Invading Instagram. Let’s Find Out Why

The History Way back in 1921, Guccio  Gucci crafted a remarkable look of Gucci track pants blended with silk and wool.  Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s new Creative Director, decided to bring back that iconic look. Thus, Gucci’s Striped Wool anf Silk Blend Track Pants resurfaced in the fashion industry today.  This time, it comes with electric […]

5 Healthy Bedtime Habits You Need to Start Adopting Now

Keep Calm & Repeat   Your bedtime is one of the most important parts of your day. It’s when you get to rest, sleep, and get plenty of energy to use for the next day to come. Because it’s important, you need to develop healthy bedtime habits to get a good night’s sleep. Here are […]

The Shift from Mall Shopping to Online Shopping: Why the Latter is Better

Recently, I started to shop online. Before, I never liked the concept of online shopping. It just seems to be so scary. What if the product didn’t fit me? How can I return it? And, will the quality be the same as in the store? Aside from all these questions, the fact that shipping takes […]

The Best Luxury Shop to Buy Designer Items for Moms and Kids

It’s time to shop all luxury items for moms and kids at 50% and more discounted prices. Get Savvy Follow the link