Instagram is bombarded with this Gucci pants?

Guccio Gucci created this look (wool and silk blend track pants) in 1921. Current Creative Director of Gucci Alessandro Michele recreated this look of Gucci Striped Wool & Silk Blend Track Pant – with electric stripes retro tinged. This Gucci striped wool & silk blend track pants are no longer for jogging but stylish pants and […]


Keep Calm & Repeat Following these steps prevents you from not knowing how to start your day and saves time instead of wasting. You just get up, and start following your plan 🙂 1. Leave your phone alone – The phone is really addictive but, we really have to learn to let go our phones […]


Recently I started to shop online. I never used to believe in it, as I was so scared what if it didn’t fit me? How do I return? And will the quality be the same like in the store? It takes too long to ship it. Well, all my worries are more or less over. […]

Perfect Shop for Savvy Moms and kids

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The exclusive Media & VIP launch event of ‘Niche Modeling Agency’ took place in Dubai Dusit Thani Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, Saturday 15th July 2017 at 4 pm. When Lenka Josefieva arrived in her beauty pageant winning red shining bright dress, she caught all the eyes and stood out the crowd with her tall, […]

‘Contessa Bridal Boutique and YolanCris Fever’

Dubai is a house to international fashion stores. It is very hard to resist from buying beautiful and unique creations in this cute boutiques opened up in City Walk. One of my favorite shop in City Walk is Contessa Bridal Boutique. As a fashion influencer, I enjoy trying on clothes that I like and I […]

What we did in Bali – Hai Tide Beach Resort

A day earlier we asked the Hotel Reception to help us making the booking. They are very helpful, they made the call, and booked us this trip that we chose fast and easy. The next day of our stay in the Stones Hotel, we traveled to a different Island called “Hai Tide Beach Resort. I […]

What we did in Bali – Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua

Let me Share with you, my entire experience and photo shoot inside Sofitel Hotel in Nusa Dua Bali. As I have spoken about the architecture of Sofitel hotel in “What we did in Bali 2” part, now I will be focusing on the beach and the pool areas of the hotel. Yes, what a wonderful […]

What we did in Bali – The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel, Legian, Bali

The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel in Bali So this post basically will help you understand the name differences of the cities or regions whatever they are, in much more easier way… Because when I heard the names for the first time I was freaking out and forgetting right after I heard it. Because our friends […]