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14 facts about me

  1. # I am a professional photographer
  2. # I wash my face with organic soap, that doesn’t smell nice, but it is healthy
  3. # I was a Fitness First Member for 6 years. Not anymore
  4. # I got married 2 times in the same 2016 year. Once in Holland and once in Uzbekistan with the same guy
  5. # Food I eat keeps me fit and healthy, fashionable clothes I wear make me a very happy person
  6. # I work in Media Buying Agency in Dubai in the day and blog in the night
  7. # I am a Canadian University Graduate 2015 (BBA & Marketing)
  8. # I work-out with You tube exercises at home
  9. # Mostly, I eat grilled chicken and salads
  10. # My Hobby is to run campaigns
  11. # I hate half complete jobs, it applies to all grounds
  12. # I am a passionate, friendly and a team leader
  13. # I believe in motivation
  14. # Our plan is to have 2 kids: one boy and one girl