Gucci Track Pants Are Invading Instagram. Let’s Find Out Why

The History Way back in 1921, Guccio  Gucci crafted a remarkable look of Gucci track pants blended with silk and wool.  Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s new Creative Director, decided to bring back that iconic look. Thus, Gucci’s Striped Wool anf Silk Blend Track Pants resurfaced in the fashion industry today.  This time, it comes with electric […]

The Shift from Mall Shopping to Online Shopping: Why the Latter is Better

Recently, I started to shop online. Before, I never liked the concept of online shopping. It just seems to be so scary. What if the product didn’t fit me? How can I return it? And, will the quality be the same as in the store? Aside from all these questions, the fact that shipping takes […]

The Best Luxury Shop to Buy Designer Items for Moms and Kids

It’s time to shop all luxury items for moms and kids at 50% and more discounted prices. Get Savvy Follow the link

A Triumphant Trunk Show at The Niche Modeling Agency Launch in Dubai

The exclusive Media & VIP launch event of “Niche Modeling Agency” took place in Dubai Dusit Thani Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, Saturday, 15th of July 2017 at 4 PM. The event was featured by Shelfred Le Couturier (@shelfredlecouturier) and Bella Donna Haute Couture (@josebelladonna).     Stunning Celebrities at The Niche Modelling Launch When Lenka […]

The Opening of the Contessa Bridal Boutique and The Yolancris Fever

  Dubai is the house of international fashion stores. That’s why it’s very hard for fashion enthusiasts to resist from buying unique and beautiful creations from different boutiques opened up in City Walk, most especially from the Contessa Bridal Boutique.   Contessa Bridal Boutique in City Walk One of my favorite shops in City Walk […]

What we did in Bali – The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel, Legian, Bali

The Stones Autograph Collection Hotel in Bali So this post basically will help you understand the name differences of the cities or regions whatever they are, in much more easier way… Because when I heard the names for the first time I was freaking out and forgetting right after I heard it. Because our friends […]

Why You Need to Try Online Shopping at OUNASS.AE by Al Tayer

Unless we come across some types of information, we would never know about them. It’s like my friends who shop in malls. Likewise, they don’t know about online shopping. And even when they know about it, they wouldn’t know how they would find the right source. Besides, the names in the online world are different […]

Flattering Style Choker & Ripped Jeans & Classy Sleeveless Jacket

This one is another choker collection, which I got in the store, and found out that, online you would get 2 times more different colors and styles for the same price. My recommendation would be get your choker online through the link above. I am very very happy with the quality of this choker from […]


White Jumper – is what I loved to wear it. It is one of the must haves in your wardrobes. When you feel down, wear your white t-shirt, nice jeans or skirt or even shorts on with your nice white jumper on top. Especially in a weather like now, even in forever summer city Dubai […]


Follow my blog with Bloglovin It is held once every year. This could be the best place for brides attend to plan ahead the dress they want and to find their Dream Dress, if that particular dress is locally unavailable. Different types of Designers are coming from different parts of the world to showcase their […]